Saturday, February 4, 2017

The darkest days

We have to leave for Sweden over next week or so to attend to a family matter. Not the best time of year for visiting Scandinavia, in the cold and the dark. To cheer myself up a little, here's a few pictures from last summer that I never got around to post here.

Kobe harbour

Kawanishi warehouses. The sacks are coffee beans.

Fishing on the pier.

Shogi players near Tennouji, Osaka.

Cool Biz, Osaka.

Shinsaibashi, Osaka.

Baseball players at dusk, Naha.

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  1. Had to check photographer's ephimeris and light isn't that bad, a couple months from Lucia stretch sunlight quite a bit. SMHI shows cold but mild temperatures (0 to -5) for Stockholm.

    It seems trendy to head up north for the auroras, I'd say no way during the totally dark and cold months. But the winter short days give beautiful light.
    During my period in Sweden I missed the worst, getting back south before Xmas. Climate change is quite observable IMO, a few instances we had more cold in Spain than södra and central Sweden.


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