Wednesday, August 24, 2016

On our way

So, we're finally leaving for Naha. That typhoon I was so worried about? It has been very obliging so far. We feared it would head straight to Okinawa or Osaka, but instead it stopped on Monday morning, turned, and has been on a slow walkabout around an empty patch of ocean ever since.

Typhoon #10, from Saturday lunch up until Wednesday at 9:00.

Our things managed to leave Osaka in time for the planned delivery date, and our flight this afternoon should be right on time. Good typhoon, have a cookie.

Our biggest problem, believe it or not, has been the house-plants. We have a number of plants that we really like — my sort-of-bonsai and my coffee plant among them — but the moving company doesn't accept plants. They don't want people to complain if they die, and I can understand that. The parcel services accept plants — but only for corporate customers. Again, I suspect they just don't want the inevitable complaints.

The post office, on the other hand, has no problem with plants. We simply take the small ones in our bags, and send the large ones in the mail. Not the kindest way to treat the plants of course, but it's just for a couple of days. And we would have thrown them away otherwise, so if they die it's not the end of the world either.

I've changed the design here a little, by the way. I had a pile of custom CSS that was becoming impossible to maintain. Now I just use one of the standard templates. I'd still want to tweak the colours a bit, but this will do for now. Next up Okinawa!


  1. Hi there Jan. I've been reading you blog since long time ago and enjoy very much every aspect of the stories you explain. I'm a programmer living in Barcelona who loves so much Japan and its culture (not an manga fan though), next September I'll be visiting Japan and I'll go to Okinawa with some typhoon concerns. I hope everything is ok for you and can stablish yourself quietly on the island.

  2. Hi Raden!

    Typhoons are always a worry this time of year. In all of Japan, but especially in Okinawa. This year has been unusually quiet - except for Hokkaido, where they've got three typhoons already, a record. I would not worry too much if I were you.


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