Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Typhoon #11

This is the current projected path of typhoon #11. See the white circles? That's the probable area of strong effect. Se the small yellow circle? That's Osaka with Kansai Airport in the center.

That last, big white circle? That's the projection for Friday at 3am. That's a few hours before our morning flight from Kansai Airport to Prague. Yes, the center of that small yellow circle.

We night have a problem. It's not just the flight itself; Kansai Airport lies on an island, connected to the mainland by a longish bridge. That bridge closes for traffic if the winds are high or gusty enough. We might have our flight leaving on time but we can't get to the airport over the closed bridge.

Time to look for a few alternatives. I'm going to Prague and CNS to hold a tutorial, and that tutorial is scheduled for Saturday, the morning after we arrive. If the flight is delayed by a day I miss the tutorial. And as that's the main point of me being there, that wouldn't be good.

We'll see if we perhaps can rebook the flights a day earlier (though that adds another hotel night) or perhaps fly from Tokyo (adding the cost of both hotel and train). If neither is possible — or they ask for too much extra money to rebook — we'll just have to take our chances and hope we leave on time after all.

As they say: oh well.


  1. Janne,
    You're getting mistaken, the white circles are the projected path, not the strong effect area.

    The typhoon will pass somewhere within the white zone. It could make landfall in Kochi, but also anywhere between Mie and northern Okinawa. The line is just the center of that projected path (and it's somewhat misleading).
    The yellow circle (the big one, not KIX) is the area with current winds stronger than 50km/h, the big red circle is the area with current winds stronger than 90km/h. The big red zone is the zone affected by the storm warning. It doesn't mean that the whole zone will be affected, it means that the affected area will be within that zone.

  2. I know; my description was unclear. It's the probable (not definite; the projection changes all the time) area where the strong center may pass by.

    If it ends up going over Kyushu we're probably fine. If it shifts eastward I'm not going to make the tutorial, but at least we'll be on a later flight. If it follows the current most probable route we might be in real trouble.


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