Tuesday, May 28, 2013


For reasons best known to itself, Blogger reverted the published post, removed it from the stream and replaced with an early draft. And as I wrote this quickly on the train, I have no local copy of the original.  Lesson: Never trust only cloud apps, but make sure you have local copies of everything.

So, tsuyu - that is, the rainy season - is declared for Osaka again. And early too, this year. This means alternating days of rain and humid, overcast weather for the next month or so. At least the temperature will stay moderate at no more than 25°-30° or so.

I like the rainy season, actually (though I seem to be pretty much alone in that). Sure it's wet, but temperatures are bearable and the light is soft and soothing, not bright and harsh. And I'm more often soaked during high summer anyhow, from sweat rather than rain.

Lund, Sweden, where I lived for ten years, has about the same chance of rain, but in December, with temperatures near freezing, not the balmy 25° or so of Osaka. And however much you may feel tsuyu is grey and dark, it's much better than southern Sweden in winter. The amount of rain is different of course, with over 200mm during the rainy season here, but still, I prefer a few weeks of early summer rain here over the miserable winters we had in Lund.

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