Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Notes and Notices

It's been a busy few weeks. Had a dentist appointment yesterday. Good news is, one wisdom tooth is fine; there's no need to remove it. Bad news is, the other wisdom tooth will need actual surgery to extract, so I now have a referral to the Osaka dental university hospital. Oh, joy.

Last week was another trip to Tokyo, a research program symposium at Tokyo University where I presented our previous project. Went OK, I think. People sometimes feel a bit frustrated with two- or three-day project-related research meetings; as a project member you've heard all the presentations before and you lose days away from work. But to me they are actually very productive. With no distractions and with nothing much to do but think, it's a good place to solve work-related problems. This time did not disappoint.

Just before leaving for Tokyo I got my three-year researcher visa extension. Good to know that no matter what happens I'll be able to stay for the time being. Also got the new, spiffy foreigner registration card. Apart from the general spiffiness (it's a lot less cluttered and easier to read) there's some useful changes associated with it. Most important, perhaps, is that you no longer need a re-entry permit if you're staying abroad for less than a year. One less thing to worry about whenever I travel.

Still working on the pictures I took in Bangkok. I can say that almost all shots are digital; Bangkok really cries out for colour, so bringing black and white film was a mistake. I'll post about the trip when done.

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