Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Long Time No See

Things are settling down a bit around here. As I thought I haven't had the energy to write anything longish, but I did post the occasional short tidbit over on Google+. Just to get things going here again, here's links to some of them.

A 3D space tracking input device that promises high tracking resolution, compatibility across all platforms and expected to cost less than a weekend dinner and drinks for two at a decent restaurant. Of course, with our luck it'll get bought out, patented to death and removed from the market, guaranteeing that an open, usefully hackable device will never see the light of day.

Ed Young has a good story on IR-tracking beetles that actively search out forest fires. Sometimes I wish schools would focus more on all the odd exceptions to the "normal" animals we typically think about, just to bring home just how varied and, well, weird, the natural world can be.

Long posts, short posts, informative posts — but a throwaway note on my Sunday lunch brings out more comments than any other post I write. Tells us something about human nature, perhaps. Food and sex, there's two subjects that never go wrong.

Excellent Command Line tips for anybody using a shell under Linux. Really; some of these can save you hours or days. Take a look.

Technical books tell a story, which is why they still matter even though the web is chock-full of freely available information. I don't expect the technical book to go away anytime soon.

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