Monday, March 12, 2012

Now, what is this all about?!

Last week we had 16 degrees. Yesterday was mild enough that I took a walk without a coat in the spring sunshine. Today I pop out for lunch and it is snowing. In Osaka. In mid-March. It freaking never snows here this late; we're supposed to prepare for the cherry blossoms, not dodge wet, freezing snowflakes.

The deal is that we endure hideously hot, muggy summers in exchange for a mild winter. Who thought this was a good idea? I demand a refund. Or something.

Edit: half an hour later the sun is out, the pavement dries up and the temperature climbs into the two figures again. Not the most stable weather.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, Saturday morning, we had snowflakes falling in the USA desert, almost by the Mexican border. Like Osaka (where I lived in '90-'92), it never snows here this late, and it was all gone in a couple of hours. Really, really weird.

  2. I certainly understand you, it's similar here (not so extreme though).

    Even being quite young and under 18 I remember how in the last 8 years the weather has gone from traditional stable seasons to the getting crazier state it has been in the last 5 years.

    I remember 2000-2004 (being a kid) when winter was cold, rain was in autumn and spring and summers were hot. That is the Mediterranian climate.

    I'm close to Barcelona, in a medium sized coastal town. We had an unusually cool and rainy July. Few rain since. It's been the driest winter for 70+ years. Forest in the Pyrenées are burning.

    Whoever denies climate change isn't living on Earth... I remember that the current president of Spain denied this fact and said it wasn't much of a concern, back in '07.

  3. End times, people. End times :-P

  4. This is a long-time reader finally commenting to say your demand for a refund made me chortle. If a Swede is getting tired of winter, imagine what a sunny South African feels like at this stage ...

    PS: Found myself nodding in agreement with your post about Amazon.

  5. Rurousha, I miss winter, actually. _Real_ winter that is, not the wet, chilly miserable thing we get here. And I was not happy at all when I thought we'd finally get to spring only to get a dump of wet snow — snow that doesn't even have the decency to stay put on the ground — all over me.

    Spring seems to be returning on schedule now, though.

    Oh, and going to SA is a long-time dream of mine. Hope to make it one day.


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