Friday, May 27, 2011


Sogo and Daimaru

Tsuyu - the rainy season - has arrived in Kansai. It's early; it normally starts around the second week of June. Also, Okinawa is expecting its first typhoon of the season already, and it may even reach Honshu in a few days. While typhoon season typically starts around now, it's rare for the early typhoons to be strong enough to hit Japan directly.

The weather service has predicted a hotter summer than normal; let's just hope it won't be as bad as last year. Much of the country is going to have energy supply problems already, and a heatwave will make the problem worse. Of course, it would give us an excuse to go snorkelling...


  1. If heat comes, you have the Q already! EXTRA cool biz. You might not use tie to work, therefore you can always adjust it to your own dress code... :D

    And no wet biz?! Uhm...that does sound like hitman biz...but no I emant for the rain! hahaha

  2. I understand that "The Weather Service" are forecasting historically average to slightly elevated temperatures this summer.


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