Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It really, really sucks to sort-of have a cold. I mean, at least a real, proper cold or an influenza is unambiguous: you have it or you don't. If you have it you're sick and you're not going to do anything but feel sorry for yourself until you get better.

But a sort-of cold isn't a proper disease. You feel sluggish and tired, and your throat is just painful enough to be annoying. But you're not really sick; you can still go about your day, you can still get things done. Of course, just because you can do stuff it doesn't mean it gets done quickly or well.

I've been under the weather for a couple of days now, and today it's evolved into this dreaded sort-of cold. I've dragged my sorry behind around work all day with my head feeling like its filled with cotton wool. With my luck this'll probably linger on into next week, never really erupting into a proper illness, but not going away either.

Seems it's going to be one of those winters.


  1. Marcin Smidowicz19 November, 2010 07:19

    I know how You feel, because I have sort-of-a-cold for about a week now.
    Not sick enough to get to my doctor and have a break from work.
    And not healthy enough to work normally, without the constant feeling of weakness and displeasure....

    I hope that You'll get well soon! :)

    Btw: I hate this time of year in Poland.

  2. It sucks, doesn't it. At least it's Friday. I'll go home as soon as I finish fighting my Python code here, and see if you can make a good hot toddy on umeshu. Some umeshu, some hot water and perhaps a squeeze of lemon. It'll either help remove the symptoms or make me forget them. Either way is fine.

    Don't you get snow in Poland? At least that makes the winter dry and bright. Or do you get the same dreary cold winter rain you get in southern Sweden and Osaka? That's the single worst thing about living here.

  3. Marcin Smidowicz21 November, 2010 08:09

    It's not snowing now in Poland and it doesn't seem to snow in the next weeks.
    Now the weather is depressing - dark, rainy, gloomy.
    I wish for some snow - I could take my camera and go out :).

    About the cold: 1-2 glasses of water with mead and squeezed lemon daily helped me get back to health.
    I was also taking large doses of vitamin C (3-4 pills / 3 times a day).
    And if everything else fails - bread with chopped garlic does wonders :)


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