Monday, May 12, 2008


[Repost] You've never heard of mr. Eliphalet Hubbell Hotchkiss? He was an American business owner whose company started production of a paper stapler at the end of the nineteenth century, and exported a lot of them to the Japanese government. Which is why a word for "stapler" in Japanese is "ホチキス" (hochikisu). Which I found strange, started to look around and found this site on antique staplers. Which, if nothing else, it's a good place to get your fill of esoteric knowledge you can bore people to tears with.


  1. I also found out today the link between ホチキス and Eliphalet Hubbell Hotchkiss, then found your post. Nice story.

  2. Sorry My old site bored you to tears. For the many collectors that followed the site, they found it had some value.

    Curt Scaglione
    The Stapler Exchange

  3. "Sorry My old site bored you to tears. "

    Not at all! It was really fascinating, which is why I posted the link in the first place. All I said was that stapler history facts isn't a very riveting (sic) field of conversation for most people.

    Do you have a new site somewhere? I'd be happy to update the link.


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