Wednesday, November 7, 2007

This New Blog

This blog is not really a new one, but a continuation of my earlier blog. That blog is cobbled together by a set of perl and ruby scripts and hosted on a rather cranky old server at my old university. It's getting difficult to maintain, and since I'm not even on the same continent I have a hard time helping out.

So, what I'll be posting here is more of the same: our life here in Osaka, aimed mostly at friends and family that can check this place to see that we're alive and well. The recent robot post notwithstanding, I will not be posting a lot of work-related science stuff; I do this as a way to relax from work, not continue it. I'll also be reposting selected bits from the old blog here.

I have a display of posted images on Flickr on the right side, and a fair number of posts here are illustrated, or even all about the pictures. I have photography as a hobby, and the fact that I'm not all that good is the exact reason I enjoy it so much. Here is a fun, creative field where I can't even begin to compete in any way so I can just relax and enjoy myself with no pressure other than what I choose to give myself.


Self-portrait, just so you know who you're dealing with here. I have a fisheye lens and I'm not afraid to use it.


  1. I miss the link to the RSS/Atom feed. Well, I found it in the page source, but why keep it secret...

  2. There's a link at the bottom of the page. Not the clearest of places, I agree.

  3. När/var kan man se rörliga bilder på roboten när den springer omkring?


  4. När/var kan man se rörliga bilder på roboten när den springer omkring?

    Om/när vi har tillstånd att visa videosekvenserna vi har. Vilket inte kommer ske snart; det finns en hel massa politik i bakgrunden som gör all publicitet riktigt tungrodd (flera överlappande organisationer finansierar bitar och har sitt att säga till om). Jag och alla andra skulle älska att lägga upp rubbet på YouTube, men det lär inte hända den närmaste tiden i alla fall.

  5. Congratulations on the move! I've been semi-regularly reading your posts at the old place for some time now, and it's nice to see that you intend to continue.

    I'm not so fond of Blogger, though. The captcha won't load no matter what I do (although that won't be a problem here I guess, with comments being pre-approved instead), empty alt strings for images means I have to break tradition and enable image loading, commenting with my "Google identity" is broken, etc, etc. But I guess it's better than having nothing.

    So, um, now that I have already broken out the medicinal whisky, here's to four more years? かんぱい!

  6. Hi and welcome!

    I agree that Blogger has its drawbacks. But the other sites tend to have similar issues so the only real alternative would be to set up my own server. Which turns out to cost more in money, bother and time than I am prepared to spend at this point.

    The Alt tags are not Blogger's fault, though. They're empty because I'm still learning how to best post pictures, and I forgot to write anything into them.

    You Google identity should work. I know I've used it to comment on other blogs before.The trick usually is to press return in the captcha, not click on "publish this comment". Dumb, but there you have it.

  7. I don't know, it seems stupid to assume that just because you didn't provide an alt text, the intention is that you want the null string. The obvious solution would be not having an alt attribute in that case at all...

    Thanks for the tip about using the Google identity. I'll set my expectations to "low" and give it a try. :-)

    (So far it always complained about not all fields being filled in -- I suspect I need to register with Blogger first to use it, or something.)

    Oh, and by the way I am in, and from, Falun. And little Dalarna University here (every educational institution classed as "högskola" jump at the opportunity to call themselves universities when translating to English it seems) has recently started giving Japanese courses.

    Apparently it all started with one transplanted student giving evening courses for friends, there was a fair bit of interest, and starting this autumn you can take Japanese full-time here. (No points for guessing what I am doing at DU.)

    So if you're ever in the general area, and have mentioned it in advance in a post, expect unsolicited emails and disturbing phone calls. :-)

    (Hm, Google identity still didn't work. "Obligatoriska fält måste fyllas i". Oh well. *shrug*)

  8. Yep, I know Falun. I lived in Borlänge for ten years (my parents still do), and I did my military service in Falun.

    Anyway, I'll make a point of fixing alt-tags from now on. My homebaked blog system was quite a bit easier to use when it comes to images.


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