Friday, September 16, 2011

(soon) On Our Way to Stockholm

The flowers have drip water, the bags are packed, a leftover pear and half a lemon awaits eating and the last load of laundry is spinning as I write. We're off to Stockholm tomorrow morning, followed by a few days at my parents' place in Borlänge. I wish I could say we'll have a week off with sightseeing and shopping; alas, my project is entering its final phase and I will have work to do in preparation for meetings and presentations the week after next1.

So while I am steeling myself for the 18 hours of airport and in-air quality time between our apartment and our hotel, I'm scheduling a post or two for the blog for next week. I hope and expect to be able to write a few things here while in Sweden, but just in case I don't it will not be completely silent around here.

#1 I envy sculptors, sometimes, especially those doing monumental works in granite or bronze. You know, the huge, heavy tasteless stuff so beloved by dictators and strongmen the world over. It may not be a very stable career, but at least you're not expected to bring your work on vacation.

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  1. and here I just managed to get to Osaka...sigh


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