Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's Coming Straight At Us!

…Typhoon #12, that is.

Typhoons usually veer off before they hit Osaka bay, but this one seems very determined to get us. There's not much time or leeway for it to turn by now, and the projected centerline passes, as far as I can see, right over Osaka city. It'd need to veer just a little, little bit toward the east to pass right over our home, and another little bit to hit my place of work.

If it does hit us directly, the center should pass us on Saturday morning, and I'd expect some really bad weather beginning tomorrow night. I should still be able to go to work as usual tomorrow, but that depends a lot on the university; they may well decide to ask non-essential people to stay home so we don't risk getting stuck here over night with no way to get back home.

I guess we'll also have to rethink our plans of going to Kobe on Saturday. We wanted to go there in the morning, have lunch at a favourite Indian restaurant, then back to Osaka and dinner at home. Instead we'll probably just sit at home in the muggy heat, looking at the rain-soaked streets outside and being irritated at not being able to do anything. I wish this summer would just end alredy.

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Anonymous said...

Hope everything goes well. I endured a huracaine in the caribbean in a little island a couple of years ago, and it wasn´t fun at, best of luck!