Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last of Summer

It's 30° here still, the trees are still all green, the rice fields are rich and full, crickets are chirping and the evenings have a golden late-summer glow. But this will change next week already, with rain and dropping temperatures forecast for Osaka.

We're going to Sweden for a week starting day after tomorrow, and there the autumn has already arrived, with temperatures in the 10-15° range and unsteady, windy weather. By the time we come back home to Osaka summer will be over here as well.

So I celebrated the end of summer today, with the last summer ice cream. Took a break for a few minutes on a sun-drenched bench outside the department, eating the ice cream and watching students pass by. Summers here are hot and uncomfortable, but moments like this are good.

Last Summer Ice
Last summer ice

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