Friday, April 3, 2015


Rain, rain and more rain. The cherry trees are blooming, but the petals are being washed away even now. The weekend promises yet more rain. Lots of cancelled hanami parties this year no doubt. At least I did get a picture of the cherry blossoms this morning on my way to work.

Pink cherry blossoms. Not bad for a phone camera.

We're going to south Osaka tomorrow for hanami. We'll see if we'll even be able to sit outside or if we need to hide from the weather. Doesn't matter; it's a nice area in any case.


  1. Strangely for us, it has been quite a sunny and nicely warm Easter and Holy Week; it is usually rainy.

    Good weather does lighten up the mood quite a lot! Hope you have a nice day for the hanami.

    I stayed up in the mountains and the weather was wonderful for the week, not so down in the coast. Still, I haven't finished the pesky roll of Provia I loaded back in new year.

    We used to have a nice cherry tree there until my uncle cut it down, tired of it. He planted another one but it still quite small and doesn't give such good cherries as the old one did.

  2. Turned out we had a decent day for hanami after all. Had to eat indoors, but even had some brief sunshine in the morning. Better than expected.


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