Friday, April 10, 2015

Hanami, Again

Cherry blossoms.

So in the end we did have a decent cherry blossom viewing after all. We went to Kawachi Nagano in southern Osaka to visit one of Ritsukos friends who lives there. It's sort-of rural, but still easy to get to by local train.

Sakura, Ume
Cherry trees and a still-blooming ume.

Saturday started out cloudy but with no rain. As we arrived toward lunch-time, the sun was actually coming out now and again. The whole area is lousy with cherry-trees, so you could go just about anywhere and have a good view.

Towards afternoon it started to rain again, but by then we'd already gone back to the house for coffee, before we cooked dinner together. A pleasant day despite the weather.

Fishy Eyes
Me, by Ritsuko. Fish-eye lenses can be fun :)

Small Patch
Blossoms near a local school.

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