Friday, March 28, 2014

Short Notes

I had my one-month eye exam the other day. Both eyes are 1.5, which is great. My left eye has a bit of residual astigmatism, but not enough for repeat surgery or to add correction for it to my reading glasses. The surgery has been a success, and I'm happy I went through with it. I'm particularly happy and surprised that my frequent headaches now are almost gone.

That doesn't mean I'm free of glasses. I've converted one pair to reading glasses for work, and added dark lenses to another pair for use as sunglasses. I'll add weak bifocals to my favourite pair so I can comfortably read and use my phone on the train. I'll actually have more pairs of glasses now than when I really needed them. Which is fine as I like glasses; I just didn't like having bad eyesight with glasses as well as without.

The Japanese sales tax will increase in a couple of days and it's been impossible to miss. Signs everywhere profusely apologize that commuting passes, vending machines or whatever will regrettably become more expensive on April 1st. Morning TV shows have run daily segments on this for weeks.

I got drawn into the hysteria this morning as well. There was a segment about sporting equipment will become more expensive. Some store manager points out that you should get expensive golf clubs now rather than wait until April. And I find myself thinking:


I'll be really happy come April 1st. A 3% tax hike is a small price to pay for the media frenzy to end.

Professional Takoyaki. What is takoyaki? Think a small ball-shaped runny pancake with a bit of boiled octopus in the center. Drench them in sauce and mayonnaise and enjoy. Great fast food.

We're having a Takoyaki party at work tonight. We'll make takoyaki, akashiyaki and side dishes. The organizer suggested we try making rice cooker cake for dessert. Should be a lot of fun; I'm bringing a camera and if it's a success I'll try to post about how to make it.

We'll be about a dozen people, so we need a fair amount of food and drink. Normally we'd assign a couple of people to take a car and do all the heavy shopping at some supermarket. This time the guy who organizes it simply ordered everything from an internet supermarket. Have to love the net.


Jordi Pujol said...

Oh my! I just realised that it's been a month since the last 28th. Examinations made me lose my notions of time very much indeed.

Glad to hear your vision is just about what it should be and it has stabilized.

"Signs everywhere profusely apologize that commuting passes, vending machines or whatever will regrettably become more expensive on April 1st."
That's quite a particular trait of Japanese culture. I don't know why but when I read these words I assumed that even the government apologises. Try to get that in Mediterranean Europe...
Actually, for transportation passes it's just some notice of X% increasing, and good luck.

As of the craze, once one has been bombarded for a while, it becomes contagious, together with annoying.

Takoyaki look delicious, you must have enjoyed them!

Jan Moren said...

The apologies is just polite stock phrasing. They're not actual apologies and nobody reads them as such; no different in spirit than an "excuse me" to get someones attention, or a "have a nice day" or "see you" as a way to close a conversation.