Friday, February 11, 2011


Ritsuko woke me up at dawn, telling me it's snowing - not a few pathetic flakes, but a real snowfall that lasted all morning. It was dense enough to cover the ground even as it was melting away. By lunchtime the fall had stopped, but while the streets quickly cleared there's still some left on rooftops, tree branches and balconies. The weather service says we may get another round of snow tomorrow.

I know this is not much; lots of places get many times this every winter. But it is truly rare to see snow like this in Osaka city - I believe this is only the second time I've seen it since coming here.


Narrow, crowded sidewalk; slippery, wet surface and a snowfall to cut visibility - what could be better than throw up a large umbrella right in front of your face and steer your bicycle through the slush with only one hand?


Just a little wet snow, but the streets immediately become so much more beautiful and inviting.


A planter and a sign outside a restaurant covered in white stuff.


People aren't terribly well prepared for this kind of weather. This boy seems to have neither the clothing nor the skills to navigate the suddenly snow-covered streets.

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  1. that is always the problem when cities are not ready for this short of weather...biking becomes quite dangerous. a biker died this winter here in boston...cause the snow piles are so big the cars cant see wahts around the corner.


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