Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So, Google...

I know I've been very busy the past few weeks, but now I've decompressed a bit and I can't help but notice that you have announced a new toy. A toy that seems to make an almost indecently positive impression on those who try it.

I like you, Google; I use you for search, for much of my email, for my homepage (such as it is), my blog, maps and RSS reader, and I happily use your phone OS. Your browser looks good but lacks some important extensions I use, and your online photo site isn't really a match for your competition, but mostly you do some very, very good stuff.

I don't entirely trust you of course - nobody should trust any corporate entity, and online services are subject to political and legal whims of several countries, so I'm a bit careful about what data I give you. But overall I am very happy with your services, and you do come across as rather more trustworthy and open than some other companies on the web.

I'm not idle by any means - I'm editing a paper, I need to figure out some parameter relations for a model, and I really should start job hunting again - but I do have bits of free time now. Free time that I would be happy to spend trying out this new toy of yours, if you would only let me.

Unfortunately, you're in limited trial and you aren't going to let the unwashed masses in just yet (no, I'm not going to wash for you; I like you, Google, but we're not that close). You want to hammer out bugs and stuff so people get a good first impression, I understand that. Still, it's incredibly frustrating. Like going to a favourite restaurant for dinner, only to find out it's packed with people already. You want to go there, the restaurant wants you there, but it's just not going to happen that particular night.

So, Google, I understand most of us can't get to play just yet. It's OK, I'll wait. Just don't take too long; a restaurant that's always full is a restaurant you eventually give up on, favourite or not. I'd hate to see a good idea fail due to loss of interest and momentum before it even gets off the ground.


Anonymous said...

Throw in a +1 for me here. Seriously, given how much Google stuff I use I don't see how I am not part of their limited trial group!

Jonas said...

The food in this restaurant is indeed very delicious. Part of it may just be the joy of trying a new meal, delightfully presented, but I have a feeling this will become my regular hangout.
The menu is still rather spartan, but otherwise there's not much reason for not letting in more curious guests - they probably just have to dust off the tables in the other rooms, then they will be ready to invite you and all the others patiently waiting at the door.

Oh, when you do enter, please drop by my table and circle me.

Fernando said...

Seems google+ is down? Uhmmm makes you want to wonder about that dinner invite!

Martin J Frid said...

Google, hmm, mixed feelings. Still the best search engine, and I use it a lot. Blogger was just an outfit that they bought up, and I didn't like that, but I survived. But their other products, blah. I used Adsense on my blog, but it was suddenly cancelled without any explanation. That's arrogant and not exactly the best way to deal with customers. I for one will stick to what I have, and not sign up for anything new from them again.

Jens Reuterberg said...

Well the invites start July 30th. If you have a friend who have google + they can (according to the google + project manager) invite you then.

If you don't know anyone who have it holler at me. I would definetly invite you (don't know you but I read your blog constantly).

Personally I really really like G+, allot. More than I thought I would. Perhaps its just that right now its not the same chatter as on facebook but instead pretty serious debates. Since it also kinda doubles as a form of twitter you can add and follow people you find interesting which makes them, perhaps follow you since they can see your comments on the things they post.

I dont see my self as a google tool - but I guess I am (google mail, google for searches, blogger and now g+) :) I dont trust the companies whos products I use, but I still use the ones I like. Anyway. Tell me if you need it Janne.

Jens Reuterberg said...

Oh g+ works fine for me plus if you get in with or without my help - add me!

Kindly Stranger said...

Hi. I like your blog. If you respond here I would be happy to send you an invitation. :)

Janne Morén said...

Thanks for the comments everybody! As I wrote in a later post, due to my own stupidity I completely missed that there'd been any comments here.

If somebody still wants an invitation I'm happy to oblige - and yes, I'm on G+ already so no need to send me an invite.

And I agree with Jens above: It's really surprisingly good.