Saturday, December 25, 2010

White Christmas

I understand that Sweden has a spot of weather at the moment. Not to be outdone, as we left home earlier this morning we saw actual snowflakes - plural! - wafting down from the sky.

I guess this technically counts as a white Christmas for Osaka - you know, in the same way that Ozawa may be technically innocent of graft. But for weather as for election laws it's technical that counts.


  1. At the top of your blog there's a button for reporting 不正行為. Should I report you for slandaring Ozawa, who has not yet even gone to trial? (Just joking, but the sentiment is real.)

  2. Slander? I said he's likely innocent, didn't I? He's pretty clearly violated the spirit of corruption laws of course, but that does not make him a criminal. Just rather disagreeable, and effectively making him unable to do his job, seeing as how the perception - not just reality - of integrity is critical for his line of work.


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