Friday, June 18, 2010

Doctor Ozzy

You may have heard that Ozzy Osbourne is getting his genome sequenced; basically, they want to know how he's managed to stay alive despite decades of heavy drug abuse and accidents. Good idea. You learn more from looking at extreme examples than normal ones.

But this is rich: he's starting a health advice column in the Sunday Times (no link; subscribers only). Ozzy Osbourne. Health advice. The man who's done enough drugs to support a small South-American nation, giving advice on healthy living? Of course, he probably knows as much about how to not live a healthy life as anyone still around to tell us about it1.

Maybe it's not a bad idea. Perhaps anti-experience could be valuable. Elizabeth Taylor as marriage counsellor, anyone? And how about starting the "Abe-Aso-Hatoyama Good Governance Consulting Group". It'd give them something to do at least; we don't want gangs of former prime ministers drifting about town, getting into trouble.

#1 Except perhaps for Keith Richards. But they're like the Rembrandt and the Picasso of dissolution; how could you possibly rank genius?


  1. Dear Janne,

    I post here for the first time. I have been following MTC and your blog for quite a while, enjoying them much. This is not so much a comment, but I was wondering if you could give me some advice.

    I am also a researcher in Osaka (doing a post-doc on Japanese local politics) and half-Swedish, half-Japanese. I've been hoping to practice my Swedish (of middling quality) and looking for Swedes who may be interested in language exchange.

    Apologies to post publicly like this on your blog with such a request so suddenly. But I was not sure how to contact you directly. I would appreciate any suggestions.

    Gratefully yours,


    I set up an email for response:

    tack so mycket!

  2. I want to know William S. Burroughs genome sequences.


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