Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday morning

It's Monday morning. The weekend rained away, I've wasted two weeks on a modeling approach that turns out not to work, and I've mixed my instant coffee with cold water by mistake. MTC seems to be in a similar funk. Just to pick myself up a bit:


I saw this happy-looking old woman thoroughly enjoying spring in Nagai park two weeks ago. I ask if I can take her picture. She asks why, and I tell her she reminds me of the spring. She laughs and flashes me this wonderful 1000-watt smile.


Shikatacho, just over the hill from NAIST. For anyone living around here, that's Tomigaoka station you can just glimpse in the far back. This time of year really is perfect. Forget about summer vacations - let us work and study all summer under the soothing shade of a heavy blinds and the cool, refreshing bath of a high-powered air conditioner. Instead, let the world slow down over spring instead, and go outside to enjoy the change of the seasons.

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